Green Screen Toronto Rental

Green Screen 209 (GS209) is determined to make your production look even more fantastic than you imagined, our studio is fully equipped.

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Big or Small It's all good

It's a 1890 Sq Ft total working space for all artists and creative people. A chroma green cyclorama (“cyc”) that is 29 ft. wide, 12 ft. high and 14ft. deep. Whether this is your first shoot or your hundredths, our studio in the west end of Toronto can supply all you need to make your production successful.

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Rental Green Screen

Our location is close to two major highways (Gardner Expressway and the 427 in Etobicoke), the airport and 3 major film rental houses. We offer a simple, basic, clean, professional studio. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information on how we can make your production soar!

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White Studio

Sometimes you just need a nice clean white room with a bit of character to shoot in. No problem, we got you covered with our white side of the studio, just roll the lights over and shoot with daylight...

Ah beautiful daylight!!

We care about customers

Our goal is to help you make the best possible production, whether it’s a music video, film production, corporate explainer video or dance performance. We love return customers so we often offer repeat renters with special discounts or additional equipment offers.

Personal Passcode

The door is unlocked using the passcode that is sent to you after recieving the booking deposit, your stuff is safe

Free Parking

We have lots of free parking on site in our own parking lot, as well as shipping docks for large truck deliveries

Pro Lighting Included

Every rental includes lighting at one low price, no haggling, or upcharges, just straight forward pricing based on our rental time blocks listed below

Loading Docks

Bring all the equipment you need for your shoot, we have a 4 bay loading dock

Freight Elevator

BRing your complex heavy sets or props up to the studio floor in our elevator, 4000 lb capacity

Camera Rentals Available

In our neighbourhood are a wide variety of rental companies where you can get cameras, props, grip and lighting equipment, treadmills, anything

Free 5G WiFi

Connect to our blazing fast fibre-optic internet, the password is posted in the studio

Expert advice

Do you have some questions about our studio, checking the availability for your shoot or just want to talk shop, give us a call, text message, or email and we will be happy to let you know the best way to rent the studio

a picture of motorcycle photography in a white studio with photographer camera lights a picture of businessmen shooting in front of green screen with laptop recording lights sound blankets tv monitor stools a picture if live streaming broadcast entertainment event monitors laptop screen switcher contoller a picture of green screen performer shooting with microphone recording camera kino flo lights stool laptops screen sound blankets dampening foam panels cameraman a picture of tv monitor screen camera sound speaker c stands sandbags green screen

Here is a complete list of every item inside the studio that is yours to use during your rental:

24 blue and black sound blankets (4 x 8ft or larger)

3 Kino Flo 4ft 4 Bank on rolling stands

1 Mega softbox/skybox, 16 bulb, 4ft x4ft

4 vertical small flo lights (Kino 201)

1 KinoFlo Parabeam

1 medallight 120

2 padded office dividers

1 bluetooth boombox

1 wifi and ethernet internet box

4 Medallight fl-110 fl-110 lit on the green screen (KinoFlo 201)

1 box of light filters the various types, white’s, different colours and colour modelling

2 large flags, one black, one white, convertable fold out

1 large ladder

1 folding table

1 white table

6 white apple boxes

2 big white apple boxes

2 black stools

1 fan

1 small aluminum fold-up platform ladder

1 large green stage riser box

3 C stands (2 arms)

6 many white foam core of various sizes

1 portable green screen popup

1 portable blue/white screen popup

8 small flags of different types

10 White diffuser sheets

10 sandbags

2 large black extension cords attached to 20A power

3 large extension cords

3 small extension cords

2 Power Bars

1 long stainless steel adjustable extension bar

24 black/black sound blankets on hooks (3×4 convertible to 4×6)

16 sound dampening foam panels on the walls (removable)

1 long pole handle for moving sound blankets and for hanging the black curtain

1 couch

1 Black Divider Curtain

8 fold up chairs

1 Mirror On Wheels with lights for makeup stand

8 cardboard 4 x 8 green screen panels

2 black 4×8 boards

1 black canvas stretcher

1 garbage can

2 small 1/2 green apple boxes

2 small 1/8 green apple boxes

4 green apple boxes

2 fire extinguishers

1 small first aid kit

2 9ft white seamless (1 hung)

1 red seamless

1 12ft white seamless

2 large 2k light stands, one with crank

1 small light stand

1 Large adjustable Boom arm on wheels

Check out our isometric drawing with detailed measurements and sample setup

Download PDF

Upcoming Classes

If you are new to special effects videography we offer classes for beginners and seasoned professionals to help develop your skills and make your next shoot super easy and well rehearsed because you will be using the same rental studio and lighting for the training sessions and will be become very familiar with the equipment and how to get the most out of our small studio.

Beginner Lesson

Is this your first shoot? No problem, we won't make you feel out of place or in over your head. In this lesson we will show you the basics of green screen shooting, where to position lights and how to use lighting on the subject for best results in the editing room. We will provide all the answers you need as well as suggesting simple alternatives to your productions needs.

Intermediate Lesson

This is a lesson for people with a little more experience with a camera but maybe aren't familiar with the nuances of green screen and need to have a refresher before doing a full scale video shoot with clients. Look like the pro you are, practice and hone your skills in a stress-free environment, express whatever your creativity can dream up. Don't be afraid to ask questions.

Advanced Lesson

If you need to help organizing a complex green screen video shoot, we can provide answers to your questions without too much red tape. It's a great opportunity to look around the studio and get familiar with the types of lighting, filters and grip equipment that we have here so that when you are on set you will be confident and able to direct others for a very efficient shoot.

Studio Rental Pricing

Our prices are based on blocks of time, during that time, the studio and all of the equipment located inside is yours to use. To hold your date just e-transfer $100 to

Quick Video Shoot

  • Full use of all Lighting
  • Passcode for Door
  • Softbox and Pre-lit Greenscreen

Full Day Shoot

  • All Kino Flo Lighting
  • Free Parking for Everyone
  • Loading Bays and Elevator

All Day + Load-in/out

  • Full Day Shooting
  • Leave Equipment Overnight
  • Personal Passcode Lockup

Need Our Green Screen Rental Services? Book it today

We needed a space quickly because the other studio that we had booked suddenly cancelled our booking!! GS209 jumped right in and helped us shoot with very short notice, these guys are really stars and the underrated.


Gerald actually directed my music video as well a provided additional crew like sound guy and gaffer lighting and makeup artist, it all worked out great and my editor was very happy using the footage because the greenscreen worked perfectly. Thanks guys!!


I used the studio for a 4hr shoot and was able to get quite a bit done, Gerald was really helpful too.

JULIE LIZ Freelancer
a location map of green screen rental studio gs209 in etobicoke
GS209 is your full service green screen video studio in Toronto, a perfect place for small to medium sized shoots. The studio is always open, do you work best at 3am, go ahead and rent for 3am, rent the studio at a time that makes sense for you. No up-charges for late or early hours.

222 Islington Ave, Suite 209
Etobicoke, ON M8V 3W7

Call or text for instant responses:

Phone: 1-416-302-8533

Instagram: @gs209studio
Facebook: @gs209studio
Twitter: @GS2092